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Project Details

Badwan Construct
Ein Al Basha - Amman, Jordan
Work Area:
• Management
• Call Center
• Customer Service
• Storage
Project Area:
3,114 m2
Project Year:
Project Description
The concept of design derived from the ownen vision, which is summarized by the aesthetics and the importance of nature and concrete. The idea was to merge nature in a modernity way with concrete in its beautiful color with an emphasis on the importance of straight and clear lines in the design, which thus results in clear spaces and straight corridors, Which is permeated with daylight and an abundance of green cover, which will achieve the interior comfort of the building users, including employees and workers.

The designer emphasized the two main design factors – concrete and plants – reducing closed spaces and moving towards open plan by using glass facades as separators between the different functions of the building. Also, one of the most important factors in showing the idea was choosing a unified pattern and a strong color that reflects the clarity of nature and concrete in a way that introduces the idea of design and does not overwhelm it, as the designer use black as an explicit and strong color and also the design of the brushes was simplified with the introduction of a neutral color derived from the company logo and Which, in turn, breaks the simplicity of the design and does not exceed it.