Our Services

Events Production

Successful events production requires attention to detail, creativity, and strong project management skills to ensure the event runs smoothly and meets the needs and expectations of attendees, clients, and stakeholders.

At Kalzak we offer a wide range of services for your events, from conceptualizing and design, budgeting, to on-site Installation and Maintenance.

To ensure efficient deliveries we ensure effective collaborative efforts between the production team and various stakeholders, including clients, vendors, and attendees, to bring a vision to life and deliver a memorable and successful event.

Commercial/Residential Fitouts & Renovations

We make “Turn-key” Concept on paper become real-world spaces. Our Fit-Out services include unit execution, material and color selection for finishing, furniture, and design for commercial and residential projects regardless of size and requirements.

Our team of experts is ready to bring your design to life in every detail. Furthermore, we supply you with the best options to make your area flawless down to the last detail.

We make sure to involve our clients every step of the way, which helps us to brainstorm different ideas with them and come to a satisfactory design they can boast about. 

We always aim to surpass all expectations of our clients, and give them the space of their dreams.

Home / Office decor

If you work from home or in an office, it is essential to have a space that fosters creativity and productivity.  Your time is important; focus on your job and hire a professional decorator to create a place that enhances your work experience and allow you to enjoy it!

Whether your style is classic or modern, rustic or elegant, Kalzak has been designing gorgeous houses and workplaces in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan for over 5 years. Kalzak’s  specialists have the knowledge to advise you on choosing the items and designs that suit your style and your budget.

We use quality materials, have a great finish, are very intuitive, techsavvy and above all, reliable!